Project Daejeon 2012 : Energy

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Project Daejeon 2012 : Energy


Project Daejeon takes its characterization strategy from Daejeon’s identity as the science and technology capital of Korea; the subject of the project is exchange and collaboration between Art and Science; science, the field which seeks objective truth, and art, the field of competing relative values. Project Daejeon 2012: Energy is a biennial international art festival promoting the convergence of art and science. The project reestablishes and expands upon general issues in the history of humanity and, more specifically, the values of Daejeon as a scientific city. We are promoting a full-range project which will connect the science infrastructure of Daejeon with the Daejeon Museum of Art, engaging the entire city, including its forests, rivers, historic downtown, etc. in dealing with science, technology, nature, city, and in particular, problems in understanding human existence and life.


The main theme of Project Daejeon 2012 is Energy. The keyword Energy is at the forefront of contemporary issues in fields ranging from the natural sciences to the social sciences and humanities. Exploring energy in physics, chemistry, astronomy, and biology is a sort of practical method to understanding nature. In the social sciences, studies of energy considering both the individual human and entire communities afford new understanding and broaden the horizons for our interpretations of humankind and society. In technology, the problem of energy calls to mind hybrid and alternative energy systems, among others.


Project Daejeon 2012: Energy will fulfill the substantive convergence between art and science with cooperation from research institutions, universities, enterprises, and others. The convergence of art and science supported by Project Daejeon 2012: Energy is an undertaking to expand the scientific city Daejeon into artistic one, and simultaneously to develop the city’s principles in mutually supporting and existing scientific truth and artistic values. The scientific city’s identity gets completed not only by the city’s scientific infrastructure but also by sublimating it into cultural values.

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